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Our Proven Process, Produces Results

1. Discovery

Our professional staff will meet with you to discuss a little about us, to learn about you and to define your needs and objectives.

2. Aligning Expectations

We work together to understand and align turnaround time, reporting limits and communication expectations with our capabilities.

3. Project Initiation

We will provide you with sample containers, instructions, labels and shipping kits and arrange for pickup or delivery of samples.

4. Testing Your Samples

Our skilled analysts will analyze your samples according to prescribed methods in our state-of-the-art laboratory.

5. Follow Through

Data will be delivered to you electronically in any format you need.  You can also access data anytime via Flashpoint® and you will have ability to rate our performance.

Accreditation & Certification You Can Trust

References to certification and agency logos does not imply endorsement.  For complete scope of accreditation and certification please contact us.

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