Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Hours

Thursday 11/28/19:  All Offices Closed.

Friday 11/29/19:  All Offices Closed.

Friday 12/6/19:  Closing at 12:00 PM for a company function.

Tuesday 12/24/19:  All Offices Closed.

Wednesday 12/25/19:  All Offices Closed.

Tuesday 12/31/19:  All offices open but reduced staff.  Contact your Project Manager for availability.

Wednesday 1/1/20:  All Offices Closed.

Due to a 1-day incubation time, drinking water coliform samples will not be set up on the Monday 12/23/19 and Tuesday 12/31/19.  Emergency samples, special projects or samples with short holding times must be arranged with your Project Manager.