Did you recently move into a new home? Have you noticed that you or one of your family members has frequently been sick since you moved in? There are several possible reasons for this sickness. There is the potential for the issue to simply be that they are homesick and still trying to adjust to the new house. But there are other possibilities that you may want to consider, as well.

How many inspections did you have done before you moved into your new home? Was it inspected for mold problems? Did you have water quality testing done? Did you learn about the different plants and how allergenic they are? There could be a simple solution to your problem in the form of environmental factors.

To begin with, you or the person who is sick may want to get an allergy test done. It could just be that the environment has pollen or some other type of pet dander that is causing an allergic reaction. In this case, you can use allergy medication to treat the problem until the body gets used to the area.

The problem could also be your water supply or a mold issue in the home. You can have water quality testing done to see if the water is the problem, or if you have city water, you may want to visit the town hall for answers. If you smell a musty odor, or the previously mentioned solutions do not work, you might want to consider having your home tested and treated for mold spores.