Suburban Laboratories will be supplying data for DMR-QA 30 to its wastewater customers that are required to participate in this program. Data for this program will be obtained through the completion of Suburban Laboratories’ semi-annual waste water performance testing study. Results from Waste Water PT Study # WP0410 provided by Wibby Environmental will be used to supply our customers with the necessary data to satisfy their requirements of the DMR-QA 30.

Waste Water Study WP0410 ends on May 20, 2010 with graded reports sent to Suburban Laboratories about 3-4 weeks later. Wibby Environmental will forward the graded report for each permittee to the state and regional DMR-QA coordinators on July 23, 2010.

Corrective action will be performed on all unacceptable results within 60 days and a corrective action report will be sent to customers for their files.

Questions on the DMR-QA study should be sent to