So many of us simply turn on the tap or twist off the top of bottled water and take a big drink. We brush our teeth, wash our bodies and let our children drink water without a second thought. But when you stop to think about water and what it goes through to get to your sink or your water bottle, you may consider the many additional things that could be in your water. Because there are regulations for municipal and commercial water sources, filtering, additives and testing, you can generally rest easy and know that your water is clean and good for drinking.

Water testing labs process samples of water for counties and municipalities, as well as bottled water processing companies and individuals who have water wells on their property. Water quality testing ensures that the water that people drink is free of bacteria and contaminants, and that high levels of water additives, such as chlorine or fluoride, are adjusted. Without water testing, you would have no idea what is in your water — and it could make you very ill.

Water quality testing is what makes it possible for us to drink the water from our taps, or swig from bottled water without fear of getting sick or ingesting any bad things such as viruses or bacteria. Thanks to these tests, it is easy to have peace of mind and use or drink your water without a second thought. If you have well water, it is important to make sure that you get your water tested to make sure it is safe for your family’s use.