Public Drinking Water Compliance

Lead Testing for Schools & Day Care Centers

Children are most susceptible to the effects of lead, because their bodies are still undergoing development. Suburban Laboratories is the lead testing experts. We offer cost effective pricing, easy to follow sampling instructions, forms, labels and containers, fast turnaround time and a professional certificate of analysis.

Please Note: Refer to your State rules and regulations prior to ordering test kits for testing drinking water for lead.

Order Testing for Schools, Day Care Centers and Homes

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Home and Residential Drinking Water Testing

The importance of safe drinking water in your home is essential so we created a website dedicated to providing families with information about water quality.  At you learn more about your water quality and quickly and easily order test kits.  Each test kit includes a pre-cleaned sample bottle, easy to follow collection instructions and a professional report of the results.

Unlike other organizations that offer free or low cost testing, we use EPA approved methods and we will never try to sell you other products or services. As an independent lab, your information will remain confidential and when it comes to safety of you and your family, we are on your side.

The following is some common tests/packages for home water.  For a complete list of tests visit

Commercial Drinking Water and Potability Testing

Suburban Laboratories serves the commercial drinking water industry.  We specialize in assisting well drillers, pump installers, home and well inspectors, contract water operators, chlorinators and line service companies, non-transient/non-community water supplies, and professionals designated “other than municipal” (OTM).  If you operate or service drinking water systems contact us for quote.

We also offer potability testing for businesses that are required to certify that the water or ice used in their process is safe for human consumption.  To order a Certificate of Potability click below.

Municipal and Community Drinking Water Testing

Suburban Laboratories has been testing public community drinking water for over 40 years. Our drinking water project managers have more than 100 combined years of experience and we have tested more than 1 million compliance samples. We believe our most important goal is to assist those in charge of public and community water supplies meet all federal, state and local drinking water regulations to ensure water is safe. Our internal systems are designed to ensure compliance and by forming a partnership between the water operator, regulatory agency and the laboratory, we will ensure your water supply is compliant.

  • Automatic sample scheduling and bottle shipping

  • Electronic or pre-printed chain-of-custody record, bottle labels and lab slips

  • Courier service and shipping kits available

  • On-line access to all your reports and invoices with Flashpoint®

  • Electronic Data Deliverables (EDD)

  • Internal compliance checking

  • Liaison services between you and the regulatory agency

  • Staff on call for emergency service

Illinois municipal customers have access to eLog, our custom built application for coliform sample collection.  eLog replaces paper forms and comes pre-loaded with all of your IL EPA site codes. Best of all, eLog ensures accuracy and efficiency when procession your samples.  For more information contact your Suburban Labs Project Manager.

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Over 100 combined years of  project management experience


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Certified in Illinois and Wisconsin

NELAP Accredited Lab


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Proven on-time performance

Available every day for emergency samples


Cost effective testing

Value added services such as Flashpoint®

Overall the best service in the industry

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