Field Services

Pairing local environmental solutions with analytical laboratory services

Field Services are essential to helping our clients collect the right samples with the right tools and equipment. This also means being where our clients need us, when they need us.

As a supplement to our laboratory service offering, Metiri Group provides a full-service solution to alleviate logistical challenges that improve the reliability of sample collection and analysis.

The field services team executes sampling of wastewater, drinking water, stormwater, streams, groundwater, soil, solid waste, landfill gases and leachate 365 days per year. We regularly install composite samplers and meters, take flow measurements, and service equipment.

The accredited team adheres to the highest standards of environmental field sampling protocols so our clients receive reliable data.

Areas of focus

vacuum excavation

Air Vacuum Excavation


Geoprobe Drilling

Our Geoprobe crews can perform continuous and discrete soil and groundwater sampling, as well as soil vapor collection.


Geotechnical Drilling Services

mixing trailer

Injection Trailer

laser induced fluorescense

Laser Induced Fluorescense


Utility Location

field sampling services

Field Sampling

Field sample analysis


Subsurface Investigations

Subsurface data collection for your project.

courier transport field samples

Courier Transport

Transport service of samples

Learn more about Metiri Group

Learn more about Metiri Group