When reports and invoices are generated they are automatically uploaded to our client portal FlashPoint®. All clients have access to FlashPoint and in the settings can choose to have reports and invoices automatically emailed to them. FlashPoint is the fastest way to get reports and invoices. Without FlashPoint, the delivery procedure is manual, takes longer and is potentially less accurate. To improve on-time delivery, accuracy and efficiency, effective January 1, 2019 we will be using FlashPoint for all client reports and invoices. Clients who do not already have an online account will be enrolled to receive reports and invoices electronically. This process will allow you to receive reports and invoices by email the instant they are generated, retrieve old information and check the status of work in progress. It will also help us in our mission to protect the environment by reducing paper and energy.  To sign up for FlashPoint access, visit http://flashpoint.suburbanlabs.com/Register.aspx or contact your Account Manager.

FlashPoint Client AccessFlashPoint Client Access