Get Your Private Well Ready for Winter

As cold weather approaches, you want to make sure that your well and well pump are working properly so you don’t run out of water during a winter storm. There are some simple things you can do to prepare your well for the change in seasons.

Inspect the Well Cap

Your well cap is your protection from outside contaminants and damage to your system. Check the cap for cracks or damage that might compromise the quality of your drinking water. If you do find cracks, you may want to consider drinking-water testing, to make sure that your water isn’t already contaminated.

Hire a Technician

If you are not sure about how to check your pump for proper functionality, you can hire a technician to do a quick diagnostic check of your system. If any repairs are needed, it will be easier to have them completed before cold weather hits.

Test Your Water

Since there are no FDA regulations that apply to private wells, it is your duty to check the quality of your drinking water. You should have drinking water testing performed regularly, to ensure that your family is not at risk for serious illness, such as E Coli or Salmonella. Even if you do not find any damage to your well cap, testing your water can help you determine if there is an unseen problem with your well that needs to be addressed before the ground freezes.

Having a generous supply of fresh drinking water in the cold winter months is important, so make sure that you take proper precautions to get your well ready for winter and protect the quality of your drinking water.