How often do you spare a thought to what is in your drinking water? People who have water wells on their property are often quite informed about the condition of their water, because they send samples to drinking water testing labs. When your drinking water comes from a municipal source, you often tend to assume it is safe, simply because there are standards. But did you know that something as simple as a water main break on the other side of town, or a flash flood in the area, can affect your drinking water?

Drinking water testing is not something that only those with water wells should be concerned with. Your family could be unknowingly drinking bacteria, chemicals or other dangerous particles in their water. If you do not know what is in your water, you may be taking some kind of fluoride supplement when your water already has fluoride in it. When you wash your hair, if it feels coarse and stiff after washing, then you may have some hard water deposits in your water that are building up on your hair and skin.

Knowing what is in your water is simply a matter of conducting drinking water testing. It is not expensive, and could save you medical bills, illness and discomfort. If your municipal water source does not offer water quality reports, you can easily have a sample tested, yourself. Any time there is a disruption, such as a main break, earthquake or flood, your drinking water quality could change, so be aware and have your water tested, to make sure your family stays safe and healthy.