How You Can Help Protect Public Water Supplies

While natural pollutants and contaminants can creep into the public drinking water supply, from time to time, there are other harmful materials that humans introduce to local water sources. In order to help keep your public water source cleaner, there are several steps you can take. You may also want to have environmental testing done on your drinking water, to see exactly what pollutants may be in the potable water supply.

Properly disposing of cleaning chemicals and solutions can help to preserve the environment and keep your drinking water clean. Pouring them down your sink drain or in your yard can contaminate the water supply. Likewise, you should not flush any medications down the toilet, as this can have serious implications for your drinking water.

Clean up after your pet. Not only does this keep the neighborhood more appealing and clean, but it can also keep the water supply safe, as well. Many bacteria and parasites are found in waste solids, which seep into the ground water over time. By properly disposing of this matter, your ground water and well water will stay safe.

Never pour anything down storm drains, as those chemicals flow straight into the drinking water supply. You may want to ask your local municipality to put signs up informing the community of this, which can help create a better understanding of how actions directly affect public health.

Environmental testing can reveal all of the harmful chemicals that might be in your water supply, and can give you a better understanding of just how important it is to treat the environment with respect. Everything that you put into your lawn, drains, and sewers can directly affect your access to clean and safe water.