Is Nearby Industry Contaminating Your Water Supply?

Most people do not think anything about their water unless they turn the faucet and nothing comes out. Residents who live near the Athabasca River recently found out that taking such things for granted may not be in your best interest, and that doing so can impact more than just your morning coffee.

When the Obed Mountains Mine contaminated the Athabasca River with shale, sediment, and other particles, it didn’t just impact people who wanted to use the water from their sink for drinking and cooking. It also impacted how farmers dealt with their livestock. Of course, even with a minimal knowledge of history, you know how serious getting livestock to water can be, as well as the literal wars it can start. But how much do you think about your own drinking water, much less the water that your animals drink?

With industries growing at such a fast pace, and the cost of proper waste water disposal being something they want to avoid, it is always a good idea to have your own drinking water tested. Water test laboratories make it very easy to send a sample in of your own water supply, but water test laboratories don’t just test the water. They can also test your soil and other elements of your environment, so that you know exactly what you are putting into your body. The question boils down to two things: how much do you trust the industries around you, and how much do you trust the people who are supposed to monitor them?