Have you noticed your family having health issues that seem to be somewhat similar and all around the same time? Many people attribute things like this to a virus or a “bug,” and actually bug may be more accurate than they think. Bacteria in drinking water can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms of illness that people never stop to think could be caused by the water they are drinking. There are also other items that can cause your drinking water to make you sick, including minerals and naturally occurring ores that are not good for your body.

Even if you do not get your drinking water from a well on your property it could still have sediment, bacteria and other harmful ingredients. Municipal water sources are not infallible, and any time there is a disruption between the water plant and your home, such as a water main break, an earthquake or flooding in the area, the contaminated water could make its way to your home. The same is true on a much more likely level if you have a water well on your property.

Water quality testing and reports are usually made available by municipal water plants, and people who have their own water wells are usually diligent about having drinking water testing. But it’s important to remember that water can change overnight: all it takes is one small organism to get into your water supply to make your family sick. Keep an eye on the water in your home, and if you notice any different odors or coloring of the water, call someone to have your water tested, right away.