Suburban Laboratories has developed a special service to make reporting drinking water Lead and Copper results easy.  For Illinois public water systems scheduled for lead and copper testing starting between June 1, 2012 and September 30, 2012.  We can create the required lead site results notification report that your system is required to provide to each sample site.  Also included in the report package is the required “Lead Consumer Informational Notice Certification Form” that must be filed with Illinois EPA.  An example of the special “Lead Site Reporting Package” can be viewed here Sample Lead Copper Report

Once all your samples have been collected we can email a PDF file to you containing the site specific report letters.  You can then make these available to your customers.  The cost of this service is only $75.00.  Why spend hours trying to figure out the filing requirement and filling out forms?  For more information, please reply to this email or call Pat Rodriguez or Andy Groeper at 708-544-3260.