Dear Employees and Customers,

Nothing is more important than the health and safety of our employees and customers.  At Suburban Laboratories, we are closely monitoring the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19.  Our company intends to remain open during this crisis.  As a part of our general laboratory safety protocols and aseptic laboratory practices, we already have many policies and procedures in place to minimize contamination.  Those practices, including use of sterile gloves, personal protective equipment, disinfection procedures and our laboratory grade ventilation system also helps prevention of contamination and spread of COVID-19.

As a precaution, Suburban Laboratories is advising any employee that comes down with flu-like symptoms to stay home from work until it can be determined that they are not COVID-19 positive.  Should an individual that has been in our facilities test positive or have been in contact with someone that has tested positive with COVID-19, additional cleaning and disinfecting procedures will be taken.

Although this virus is something that should not be taken lightly, simple precautions like washing your hands regularly with soap and hot water for at least 20 seconds and practicing “social distancing” approaches have been proven to combat the virus.

We will issue any updates to our policies via our website.  If you have any further questions about COVID-19 please refer to the CDC website or reach out to me.

Best Regards,

Suburban Laboratories, Inc.

Jarrett Thomas