Safe Drinking Water Testing

This site is dedicated to municipal and commercial water testing.  For residential home water testing visit our sister site drinkingwaterlabs.com.

Suburban Laboratories has been testing public and private drinking water for over 40 years. Our project managers have more than 100 combined years of experience and we have tested more than 1 million drinking water samples. We believe our most important goal is to assist those in charge of public and community water supplies throughout Illinois and Wisconsin in meeting all federal and state drinking water regulations to ensure water is safe.

Ensuring your water is safe and compliant is our #1 priority.

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With over 50 years’ experience in providing comprehensive, quality analytical services, Suburban Laboratories is the premiere laboratory for consulting engineering firms and companies with soil, ground water and waste testing needs. Our project management staff has extensive knowledge of Illinois land regulations and we offer fast and reliable testing and competitive pricing. More importantly, Suburban Labs is a NELAP accredited laboratory and offers sample pickup and shipping options throughout Illinois.

Property transfers, site investigations, cleanups and landfill characterizations, we test it all!

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At Suburban Laboratories, we have been performing water monitoring for over 45 years. With a rich history that dates back to before the Clean Water Act, it is our goal to provide municipal and industrial clients with a cost effective turnkey service. We perform NPDES testing, industrial and pre-treatment monitoring, watershed monitoring, water quality studies and process control testing. Our trained staff of field technicians, chemists and project managers will provide you with fast and reliable answers when you need them most.

From sampling through analysis and reporting, Suburban Laboratories is your complete source for wastewater and surface water monitoring.

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As a National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (NELAP) accredited lab with decades of experience, Suburban Laboratories can accurately analyze a wide range of materials for our clients. Professionals in many fields have benefited from our attention to detail and dedication to leading industry standards. We have developed an extensive list of raw material and product testing services, including, residual solvents, pesticide residues, nitrosamine, heavy metals and variety of ASTM procedures specific to water, grease and other matricies

Method development and technical assistance in identifying constituents in products, byproducts and raw materials is one of our specialties.

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The Right Lab Providing Fast and Reliable Testing. Every Time.


Value Added Services Make The Difference

Flashpoint® Account Access

Customers can use Flashpoint® our web portal that allows 24/7 account access to (1) Check work status, (2) Download reports & invoices, (3) Set-up e-mail alerts for notification of sample receipt and completion of analyses, (4) Send requests to project managers for bottles and technical support.

Experienced Project Mangers

Experienced customer service and project management staff who understand the regulations and who strive to make your experience a positive one. Each project manager specializes in a specific industry and is available when you need them most.

Electronic Data Deliverables

Electronic data deliverables and reports are available in a wide variety of formats.  Electronic Chain of Custody forms help ensure accurate and efficient processing of samples.  Manual data transfer is minimized in the lab and we can assist you in going paperless.

Regulatory Technical Assistance

We work together with clients and regulators to ensure we meet all the requirements of the job.  By maintaining positive relationships and staying active in industry trade associations, we ensure that information is always up to date.

List of Analytical Capabilities


Parameter Drinking Water Wastewater Soil/Ground Water
Aluminum 200.7/200.8 200.7/200.8 6010B/6020
Antimony 200.8 200.7/200.8 6010B/6020
Arsenic 200.8 200.7/200.8 6010B/6020
Barium 200.7/200.8 200.7/200.8 6010B/6020
Beryllium 200.8 200.7/200.8 6010B/6020
Boron 200.7/200.8 200.7/200.8 6010B/6020
Cadmium 200.8 200.7/200.8 6010B/6020
Calcium 200.7/200.8 200.7/200.8 6010B/6020
Chromium, Total 200.7/200.8 200.7/200.8 6010B/6020
Chromium-Hexavalent n/a SM 3500-Cr D 7196A
Cobalt 200.7/200.8 200.7/200.8 6010B/6020
Copper 200.7/200.8 200.7/200.8 6010B/6020
Iron 200.7/200.8 200.7/200.8 6010B/6020
Lead 200.8 200.7/200.8 6010B/6020
Lithium 200.8 200.7/200.8 6010B/6020
Magnesium 200.7/200.8 200.7/200.8 6010B/6020
Manganese 200.7/200.8 200.7/200.8 6010B/6020
Mercury (CVAA) 245.1/200.8 245.1/1631 7470A/7471A
Molybdenum 200.7/200.8 200.7/200.8 6010B/6020
Nickel 200.7/200.8 200.7/200.8 6010B/6020
Phosphorous 200.8 200.7/200.8 6010B/6020
Potassium 200.7/200.8 200.7/200.8 6010B/6020
Selenium 200.8 200.7/200.8 6010B/6020
Silver 200.7/200.8 200.7/200.8 6010B/6020
Sodium 200.7/200.8 200.7/200.8 6010B/6020
Thallium 200.8 200.7/200.8 6010B/6020
Vanadium 200.7/200.8 200.7/200.8 6010B/6020
Zinc 200.7/200.8 200.7/200.8 6010B/6020

Common Wet Chemistry Tests

Parameter Water Water/Waste Soil/Ground Water Technique
Acidity 2310B 305.1 n/a Titration
Alkalinity 2320B 310.2 n/a Titration
Biochemical Oxygen demand (BOD) 5210B 405.1 n/a Electrode
Chloride 325.3 Titration
Chlorine, Residual 4500Cl-F 330.4 n/a Titration
Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) n/a Hach 8000 n/a Colorimetric
Conductance 2510B 120.1 9050 Electrode
Cyanide, Amenable to Chlorination 4500CN-G 335.1 9014 Colorimetric
Cyanide, Reactive n/a n/a Section 7.3 Colorimetric
Cyanide, Weak Acid Dissociable (WAD) 4500CN-I n/a n/a Colorimetric
Cyanide, Total 4500CN-C&E 335.2 9014 Colorimetric
Dissolved Oxygen (DO) 4500O-G n/a n/a Electrode
Flash Point n/a n/a 1010 Pensky Martin
Fluoride 4500F-C 340.2 n/a Electrode
Hardness 2340C 130.2 n/a Titration
Ignitability n/a n/a 1030 Special
Nitrate 353.2 Colorimetric
Nitrite 354.1 Colorimetric
N-Ammonia 4500NH3-C, F or H 350.1/350.2 n/a Various
N-Total (TKN) 4500NH3-C, E or F 351.1/351.2 n/a Various
Oil & Grease (HEM) 1664A n/a Gravimetric
Ortho-Phosphate 4500P-E or F 365.1 Colorimetric
Paint Filter n/a n/a 9095A Gravimetric
pH 4500H 150.1 9045C Electrode
Phenols n/a 420.1 9065 Colorimetric
Phosphorous 4500P-B&E 365.2 N/a Colorimetric
Solids (TDS) 2540C 160.1 n/a Gravimetric
Solids (TSS) 2540D 160.2 n/a Gravimetric
Solids (SS) 2540F 160.5 n/a Gravimetric
Solids, Total 2540B 160.3 n/a Gravimetric
Solids (VTS) 2540E 160.4 n/a Gravimetric
Sulfate ASTM D516 Colorimetric
Sulfide 4500S2-D 376.2 9034 Colorimetric
Sulfide, Reactive n/a n/a Section 7.3 Titration
Sulfite 4500S02 377.1 n/a Titration
MBAS 5540C 425.1 n/a Colorimetric
TOC 5310C 415.2 9060 TOC Analyzer
TRPH n/a 418.1 9073 IR Spectrometer
Turbidity 2130B 180.1 n/a Turbidometer
Volatile Acids 5560C n/a n/a Titration

Common Organic Tests

Parameter Drinking Water Wastewater Soil/Ground Water Technique
Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH) n/a n/a 8015Modified GC/FID
Aromatic Volatile Organics n/a n/a 8021B GC/PID
EDB & DBCP 504.1 n/a n/a GC/ECD
Chlorinated Pesticides 508 608 8081A GC/ECD
PCBs (Aroclors) 508 608 8082 GC/ECD
PCBs as Decachlorobiphenyl 508A n/a n/a GC/ECD
Chlorinated Herbicides 515.1, 515.3 n/a 8151A GC/ECD
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) 524.2 624 8260B GC/MS
Semi-Volatile Organics (BNAs) 525.2 625 8270C GC/MS
Endothall 548 n/a n/a GC/ECD
Diquat & Paraquat 549 n/a n/a HPLC
Carbamate Pesticides 531.1 n/a n/a HPLC
Polycyclic Aromatics (PNAs) 550 625 8270C GCMS
Chlorinated Byproducts 551 n/a n/a GC-ECD
Haloacetic Acids 552.2 n/a n/a GC-ECD
Nitrosamines (NDMA) 521 n/a n/a High-Res GCMS

Common Microbiology and Radiological Tests

Parameter Drinking Water Wastewater Waste/Sludge
Heterotrophic (Total) Plate Count  9215B 9215C  n/a
Fecal Coliform 9221D 9222D 9221E
Total Coliform (Presence/Absence) 9223A & B n/a n/a
Total Coliform (Membrane Filter) 9222A & B n/a n/a
Fecal Streptococcus 9230A & C n/a n/a
E,coli 9213D & 9223 n/a n/a
Yeast and Mold AOSA n/a n/a
Iron Bacteria 9240B n/a n/a
Nitrate Reducing Bacteria BART n/a n/a
Sulfate Reducing Bacteria 9240D n/a n/a
Radium 226 903.0 903.0 9315
Radium 228 904.0 904.0 9320
Gross Alpha and Beta 900.0 900.0 n/a

Miscellaneous and Special Methods

Parameter Method
Acid Number ASTM D974
Acid Reactivity ASTM D5058
Ash ASTM D2974
Ash ASTM D2866
Astm Leaching Method ASTM D3987
Base Reactivity ASTM D5058
Bottom, Sediment & Water ASTM D1796
Btu ASTM D240
Bulk Density ASTM E1109
Chloride ASTM D512
Chlorine, Total ASTM D808
Cone Penetration ASTM D937
Congealing Point ASTM D938
Corrosion Test ASTM D130
Density ASTM D1298
Density ASTM D1475
Distillation Range ASTM D86
Dry Bulk Density ASTM D2937
Flash Point, Closed Cup ASTM D93
Flash Point, Open Cup ASTM D92
Fluorine, Total ASTM D808
Hydrazine ASTM D1385
Insoluble Solids ASTM D6050
Loss On Ignition ASTM D482
Methane ASTM D1945
Moisture ASTM D95
Moisture Content ASTM D2216
Neutralization Number ASTM D974
Nitrate ASTM D3867
Nitrate ASTM D992
Odor ASTM D4979
Organic Carbon Content ASTM D2974
Organic Matter ASTM D2974
Oxidizers ASTM D4981
Particle-Size ASTM D422
Physical Description ASTM D4979
Propylene Glycol ASTM E202P
Sieve/Particle Size ASTM D1140
Soil Particle Density ASTM D854
Soluble Metals ASTM F963
Specific Gravity ASTM D287
Sulfur, Total ASTM D129
Total VOC Content ASTM D3960
Total Volatiles ASTM D2369
Total Volatiles ASTM D6419
Viscosity ASTM Brookfield
Viscosity ASTM D2161
Volatile Alcohols ASTM D3695
Volatile Matter ASTM D4421
Water Reactivity ASTM D5058
Water, Percent ASTM D95
Gram Negative Rods BAM B3.69
Gram Positive Rods BAM B3.69
Yeast BAM B18.0
Nitrate Reducers, Multiple Dilutions Difco NO3
Sulphated ASH EP2.4.14
Acid Volatile Sulfide EPA 821/R-91-100
Bisulfite EPA 377.1
Burning Rate EPA SW1030
Man Made Material EPA App B MAM
Non-Polar Material EPA 1664A
Paint Filter EPA SW9095A
Salinity EPA 130.2
Splp EPA SW1312
Tclp EPA SW1311
Total Recoverable Petroleum Hydrocarbons EPA SW3550/E418.1
Uranium EPA 200.8
Fluoride FCC
Readily Carbonizable Substances FCC
Reducing Substances FCC
Ammonia, Ionized IL35, SUBT-C, SUBP-B 302.212
Ammonia, Un-Ionized IL35, SUBT-C, SUBP-B 302.212
Zoonocide, Antimicrobial Internal
Water, Percent Karl Fisher
Nuisance Dust NIOSH 0500
Formaldehyde NIOSH 3500
Hydrogen Peroxide Reagent Chemical TDS HH-121
Sodium Bicarbonate Reagent Chemicals RC P558
Sodium Hydroxide Reagent Chemicals RC P575
Sodium Carbonate Reagent Chemicals RC5th P575
Bicarbonate SM2320B
Carbonate SM2320B
Carbonate, Total SM2320 B
Chloramines SM4500 CL G
Enterococci SM9230C
Fecal Streptococcus SM9230 C
Fixed Solids SM2540 E
Iodine SM4500-I/B
Iron Bacteria SM9240 B
Iron, Species SM3500-FE D
Nonionic Surfactants SM5540D
Odor SM2150B
Oxygen Consumption Rate SM2710-B
Psedo Aeruginosa SM9213 E
Resistivity SM2510 B
Salmonella SM9260B
Sulfate Reducers SM9240D
Sulfide SM 4500
Supernatant SM2540 F
Surfactants SM5540C
Total Inorganic Carbon SM5310C
Fluorescein Dye Tracing USGS-TWRI, 1986
Acid-Insoluble Substances USP P283
Ammonia USP 1951
Arsenic (Method I) USP 211
Arsenic (Method II) USP 211
Carbon Dioxide USP 1951
Challenge Test USP
Chloride USP 221A
Chlorinated Compounds USP P780
Heavy Metals as Lead (Method I) USP 231
Heavy Metals as Lead (Method II) USP 231
Heavy Metals as Lead (Method III) USP 231
Identification USP 1270
Mold USP
Oxidiziable Substances USP 1754
Pesticide Residues USP 561
Psedo Aeruginosa USP 61
Pseudomonas USP 61
Refractive Index USP 831
Residue On Ignition USP 281
Sulfate USP 221B
Tri Calcium Citrate Assay USP 283
Yeast USP

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