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Have a private well?

Private well

Testing more than once a year may be warranted in special situations such as:

• Flooding
• Pregnant or nursing women.
• Children, elderly or immune compromised people living in the home.
• Unexplained illnesses in the family.
• Change in color, taste, odor in your water.
• When you repair any part of your well system.
• If there is a spill of chemicals or fuels near your well.

Be aware of your surroundings and Identify potential problem sources:

• Is there new construction near your home?
• Is your well “downstream” from your own or a neighbor’s septic system?
• Is there fertilizer used near the well?
• Are there livestock nearby?
• Is your well near agricultural crops which use pesticides?
• Do you or your neighbors dispose of motor oil in the yard?
• During winter months, check if your well is located near a road where they frequently use de-icers?

Maintaining your well will significantly decrease the risk of problems with your water. After you receive your test results and there are noticeable problems, you can make an informed decision about any remedial action needed. These may include disinfecting your well or adding a water purification/filtration system or an inspection of the well to find the cause of the contamination.

Groundwater and surface water changes can affect your water supply, so having your water tested regularly is the best way to establish a water quality record. At Suburban Laboratories, we focus on drinking water and want to help keep you and your family safe. To find out more information on drinking water tests, go to


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