Suburban Labs is pleased to provide a one-stop-shop for UCMR3 testing, which is scheduled to begin for community water supply systems in 2013.  We are pleased to offer the following services:

  • Preprinted sample labels and COC including sample site location
  • Act as a central sample drop-off  point for all UCMR sample
  • Provide direct courier service for all UCMR samples to our UCMR partner lab – preventing any shipping or temperature problems
  • Provide sampling collection for UCMR samples for a nominal fee
  • Invoice UCMR directly to your system – you won’t have to deal with another lab’s invoice
  • Your UCMR final printed report will be available online through SLI’s Flashpoint service

Suburban Labs has partnered with a reputable USEPA approved lab which provides UCMR analytical services to over 400 water systems throughout the country.  The UCMR lab will post your results on the USEPA SDWARs website for you to validate results.  Finally, due to the large number of samples, we have negotiated very competitive UCMR3 pricing on behalf of all our customers.

For more information on this service, please contact:

Dan Galeher,

708-544-3260 ext 216