Gardeners know the value of soil testing. It helps them figure out what needs to be added or neutralized in order to grow their vegetables. Soil testing can also indicate a problem with ground water. If the ground water in your area is contaminated it will create a problem with the soil and seep into your vegetables. Do not allow your hard work in the garden to be wasted time, and do not let contaminated ground water be the cause of illness in your family.

If you find anything unusual with your soil you should also consider water sample testing to make sure that the groundwater has not caused an imbalance or contamination in the soil you plan on growing food in for your family.

This is especially important after flooding or earthquakes which can impact the groundwater, septic and well systems around you. Gardeners need to be aware of and monitor many different things in order to successfully grow food. Insects, soil pH, water quality and the weather all can affect a crop.