New Phone System

Suburban Laboratories has implemented a new telephone system.  This system uses an auto-attendant similar to those in use by most businesses.  When you call into the laboratory, you will have the option to dial your party’s three digit extension, dial by name or press zero to get to a live person immediately.  All project management, sales, accounting and technical management staff will have direct extensions with voice mail. The following is the direct extensions of key staff:

Jarrett Thomas, CEO 218
Greg Pronger, VP of Operations 219
Dan Galeher, VP of Sales and Service 216
Shane Clarke, Senior Project Manager 217
Melissa Amador, Project Manager 212
Pat Rodriguez, Project Manager 214
Will Greene, Project Manager 211
Andy Groeper, Compliance Systems Manager 226
Margo Simpson, Accounting 215
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Customer Appreciation Days May 7-10 2012

May 7-May 10, 2012: Suburban Laboratories Celebrates Customer Appreciation Days

As a small token of our appreciation for our customers, Suburban Laboratories is providing Jimmy John’s sandwiches and cold drinks to all customers who come in this week. Our drivers will also be delivering treats to customers during their routes. We Look forward to seeing you and thank you for your business.

Jarrett Thomas

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New GC/MS Instrument

Suburban Laboratories is pleased to announce the purchase of an Agilent 5975 GC/MS.  This instrument is a state-of-the-art GC/MS and will allow us to analyze samples faster and with lower detection limits.  It replaces and older Agilent 5971.

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Customer Login Now Available

Suburban Laboratories’ web portal FlashPoint® is now operational.  FlashPoint® provides customers the ability to monitor account activity:

  • Access work status, reports and invoices 24/7.
  • Set-up e-mail alerts for notification on sample receipt and completion of analyses
  • Send requests to project managers for supplies and techincal support

To create an account click on the Customer Login link on our home page or click Login to LIMS.

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Community Water Supply Testing Update

Attention Community Water Supplies:

Before signing a contract with the Illinois EPA or another laboratory, let Suburban Laboratories provide you a custom quotation for all of your annual drinking water testing.  Just email us your facility name and we will send you a quotation within 48 hours.  Send your request for quotation to dan@suburbanlabs.com.

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DMR-QA 30 Information

Suburban Laboratories will be supplying data for DMR-QA 30 to its wastewater customers that are required to participate in this program. Data for this program will be obtained through the completion of Suburban Laboratories’ semi-annual waste water performance testing study. Results from Waste Water PT Study # WP0410 provided by Wibby Environmental will be used to supply our customers with the necessary data to satisfy their requirements of the DMR-QA 30.

Waste Water Study WP0410 ends on May 20, 2010 with graded reports sent to Suburban Laboratories about 3-4 weeks later. Wibby Environmental will forward the graded report for each permittee to the state and regional DMR-QA coordinators on July 23, 2010.

Corrective action will be performed on all unacceptable results within 60 days and a corrective action report will be sent to customers for their files.

Questions on the DMR-QA study should be sent to shane@suburbanlabs.com.

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